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Communities across the United States are organizing to demand the release of 150 mothers, fathers, children and students from detention. We will not stand for deportations that are separating our families. We will not wait for legislation to unite our families. We will take action to BRING THEM HOME!


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Border Patrol Nation Book Tour

Hear author, journalist, and activitist Todd Miller speak about his new book: Border Patrol Nation. The book documents increasing militarization in the US and the ways in which the border patrol and immigration enforcement have dramatically expanded inward in the country over the last several years.

Resistance in Bloom

Direct action can reunite families, win fair contracts, improve working conditions, and preserve ecosystems. What does creative, strategic, effective, and empowering direct action look like? How can it help us transform our world? Join the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee and friends for our annual Resistance in Bloom Spring Brunch to explore these questions and enjoy a delicious meal.  

Portland Global Climate Convergence Action

Join in this mass action to highlight the farce of regulatory agencies that work hand in hand with the fossil fuel industry; and to show that we will not allow continued expansion of fossil fuel industries: "Coal, Oil, Gas - None Shall Pass!"

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Join us for a discussion and film screening focused on the revolution in Venezuela. We’ll be examining the recent efforts to destabilize the country and how the US is involved.

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