Summer 2010 Accompaniment Delegations to Honduras

women abuesed by police in honduras
Viva la Resistencia Popular! Fueran Golpistas! Todos a la Consulta Popular!

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Camaradas, in preparation for the 1st anniversary of the coup, for the upcoming consulta popular, and in light of the increasing state violence directed towards organizers and communities in resistance, several organizations are coordinating accompaniment delegations in June. Please forward this info widely so that we can recruit delegates from Portland. For more info and to coordinate fundraising and outreach, email

Read about the multiple delegation options below:  National Guard on the loose in Honduras
1) La Voz de los Abajo
2) Rights Action
3) Quixote Center
4) Witness for Peace

Todos Somos Honduras – Solidarity with the Consulta Popular

La Voz de los de Abajo Delegation – June 2010

In response to the call from the Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular (FNRP) and the organizations fighting to re-found Honduras a year after the coup d’etat, La Voz de los de Abajo is organizing a delegation to Honduras from June 26 – July 4. The delegation will accompany the resistance in Tegucigalpa on the anniversary of the coup, June 28th, and then travel outside the capitol to visit Radio Progreso and organizations in El Progreso and to Aguan to accompany the campesino movements under attack in the north. We will be meeting with resistance leaders and organizations and with communities, collecting information and testimonies about human rights abuses and about the consulta popular and the movement to re-found the country. Delegation participants should have a commitment to bringing solidarity with Honduras back to their communities and organizations.

There is room for 12 participants in the delegation. Participants are responsible for their own airfare in and out of Tegucigalpa; we will need to coordinate arrivals and departures.
The delegation fee is $900. This covers the cost of all in-country transportation, at least two meals a day, and lodging.
An application form is attached. If you are seriously interested please return the application via email; contact me if you have any questions.

Victoria Cervantes (312) 259-5042 La Voz de los de Abajo www.facebook. com – LaVoz Delosde Abajo


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RIGHTS ACTION invites you to join a …


Since the June 28th oligarchic-military coup against the government of President Zelaya, Rights Action – along with other North American activist and solidarity groups – have been working hard to support the extraordinary anti-coup, pro-democracy movement.

Now that the illegal November 29th “elections” are over, now that the January 27, 2010 “transfer of power” to the new regime of Pepe Lobo, is over, this delegation will overlap with the first anniversary of the June 28, 2009, oligarchic-military coup that ousted the democratic government of President Zelaya.

Not just an educational delegation, this will be a human rights accompaniment and observation delegation.

Participants will learn about the background context that led to the June 28, 2009 oligarchic-military coup, about the courage and spirit of Honduras’ peaceful pro-democracy movement, about the repression being used by the oligarchic-military regime, about the long-term goals of the people’s movement to establish a National Constituent Assembly and to refound the Honduran State and society.

If you are considering joining this delegation, we urge you to read through our series of Honduras Coup Alerts, found at

THE PLAN:  Arrive in Tegucigalpa, Saturday, June 26th.  Depart from Tegucigalpa on Sunday July 4th.  There will be no activities on these travel days.  Over the 7 days in Honduras, the delegation group will meet with Hondurans and North Americans involved in the pro-democracy struggle and/or reporting on it; involved in human rights defense work; involved in the pro-democracy movement and the National Front Against the Coup.  The delegation may participate, as human rights observers, in pro-democracy marches or gatherings; the delegation may visit, as human rights observers, people illegally detained in jail.  Closer to the actual dates, Rights Action will set out a 7-day itinerary.

TYPE OF PARTICIPANT: There are no specific requirements for participation.  What we ask of interested people is that you accept that this is not some sort of “impartial”, “objective” investigation.  Rights Action is clearly critical of the illegal coup of June 2009 – effectively backed and legitimized by the governments of the USA and Canada – and of the repression and policies of the post-coup regimes since then.

This is an activist-oriented delegation.  We focus considerable discussion and debate on the policies and actions ‘the north’ – the governments of the USA and Canada, our companies, investors, banks, etc.  It is not a question of whether you agree or not with our vision of these issues, but that you are open to the critical debate and discussions that will occur.

Moreover, this is a serious human rights trip.  Members of the group will have to be flexible in terms of the itinerary we set up – that is likely to change as the days go by.  We encourage participants to do educational outreach and fund-raising work when they return home.  Group members will have to commit to abide by general guidelines as to how to act/ how not to act as a member of this international human rights delegation.  Spanish speaking ability is not necessary, but a bonus.  During the 7 days, Rights Action will provide translation for key meetings; but there will be times (during possible participation in marches and gatherings) when translation will not be possible.

COST: US$750, that includes 8 nights lodging and 2 meals/ day, over 7 days; delegation set-up, translation, in-country guiding and planning, etc; honorariums for some invited speakers.  Delegates are responsible for their travel to and from Honduras.

RISK: We will have discussions with interested persons about the possible risks involved with this delegation, before people decide to join or not.  Having said this, a good number of international human rights delegations have visited Honduras sincce the June 28 coup.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Annie Bird,, 1-202-680-3002

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Join a QC Delegation to Honduras: June 24 – July 1st, 2010
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Alliance for Responsible Trade Honduras Quest for Peace Quixote Center

The people of Honduras request our accompaniment as they mark the first anniversary of the coup d’état and emergence of the Honduran Resistance Movement. After one year of relentless repression, the resistance movement is strong, resilient and advancing the dream of social change.

Tragically, repression remains strong as well. Yesterday, as a delegation of Honduran lawyers testified about human rights abuses before the Interamerican Human Rights Commission of the OAS in Washington DC, a group of hooded men entered a middle school in Tegucigalpa, assassinating a teacher, who was riddled with bullets at close range in front of his colleagues and students.

On June 28th, the people of Honduras will show their determination to continue resisting the coup by holding a national consultation – where people will cast their vote on the question of holding “National Inclusive and Popular Constitutional Assembly.”

The Quixote Center Accompaniment Delegation will serve as observers to this process, reporting on what we find and providing alternative voices to the Honduran and U.S. media.

Estimated Cost: The cost of the trip will include RT airfare to Honduras, plus $700 for in country expenses (food, lodging, transport, program set up, translation etc)

Participants:  Those interested in participating should have some experience traveling in a developing country or zone of conflict and ability to manage stress in a fluid situation. Spanish is helpful but not essential.  Participants are encouraged to engage in advocacy work following the trip.  For more information and to apply, contact Jenny Atlee

Thank you!

Jenny Atlee

Quixote Center

Witness for Peace
Honduras: Continuing the Resistance

August 10, 2010 – August 18, 2010
Total Cost: $575 plus airfare to Honduras
Total due: July 10, 2010
Deposit: $150.
Deposit due: June 30, 2010
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Crisis in Honduras!

On June 28, 2009, a military coup, led by graduates of the School of the Americas ousted the democratically-elected leader of Honduras.   As hundreds of thousands of Hondurans took to the streets to protest, the coup regime began a systematic campaign of intimidation and violence to silence their voices.

In response to accusations of wide-spread human rights abuses on the part of the de facto Honduran government, Witness for Peace quickly responded by sending staff members and a delegation of U.S. citizens to bear witness to the situation. Since the coup regime has taken over the government this past January we have received testimony of massive human rights violations committed by police and military forces. Opposition voices, members of Honduran social movements, and human rights workers are struggling to restore democracy while being targeted for illegal detention, harassment, and assassination.

A new crisis is developing in Honduras! Join this Witness for Peace delegation as we return to Honduras to stand in solidarity with the people of Honduras at a critical stage in their struggle for democracy. Please join the struggle–come to Honduras, gather first-hand reports, and return to the U.S. with testimony that will help influence U.S. policy!

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