Drop Beats Not Bombs

2mex concert poster

ANNOUNCING PCASC’s first annual summer benefit concert.

A truly intercultural, intergenerational experience. Expect special guests artists, dancers, and speakers.

Show starts at 9pm.

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Venue info: http://www.rotture.com/

For details on the Bilingual counter-recruitment tour see:


2mex concert poster

Hip Hop show to Benefit PCASC (Portland Central American Solidarity Committee) sponsored by AFSC ( American Friends Service Committee  ) and Global Fam – featuring 2Mex, Mic Crenshaw, Serge Severe, Rose Bent, M4, and Ubuntu Project.

Kick off for the “No Soy El Army” Peace Tour.

August 26th @ Rotture, 315 SE 3rd AVE Portland OR.
$8.00 at the door.

…he’s a road dog, he has a penchant for girl trouble, he’s a husky man with a beard, and he’s a freestyling fool…
2Mex, the underground legend, and ‘golden boy of hip-hop’ is possibly the most prolific underground rapper ever, with at least 35 CD releases and too many guest appearances to count. Through hard work and determination, touring the globe many times over, he has built a cult-like following that tries to keep up with his massive output.
Check his discography dating as far back as 1995.

“Mic Crenshaw serves up potent post-millennial rapping…masterfully creative. Now it’s time that he garners critical mass to spread his positivity to the world at large.”
–    Billboard Magazine Discoveries
–    www.myspace.com/miccrenshaw

“Fresh rhymes that hit the spot.  Severe digs-up plenty of gems in the funk and jazz department, so don’t expect sleep-inducing loops or samples that sound as if they’ve been put through the wringer.”

“We will have plenty of time to sleep when we die…” –Rose Bent motto
Comprised of Portland musicians Rose City MissChief, J-Kronic, and Lady Trinity, Rose Bent is a force to be reckoned with.  Full of energy in life and performance, this up-and-coming  Act is sure to impress.

The artist lends his name from the date the U.S. Constitution went into effect. M-4 easily weaves thru Spanish/English with thought-provoking wordplay that crosses borders and gives meaning to the phrase, “We the People…” This revolutionary lyrical approach is reflected in his personal creed: “Don’t waste a breath.” http://www.myspace.com/march4thmusic#ixzz0w4IQs6j8

Ubuntu Project
Ubuntu Project is a live band that Mixes Afro Beat, Jazz, Funk and Rock into original compositions.

No Soy El Army: Bilingual Peace Tour
Does peace matter? How can we make the peace movement matter to more people by centering our work in economic and racial justice and an expanded anti-war analysis that makes peace organizing more relevant to the current economic collapse, global exploitation, and targeting of youth of color, poor youth, rural youth, and other marginalized groups?  What could this look like in your community?

You are invited  to attend a stop on the ‘No Soy El Army’ Tour this Fall in Oregon to, open a dialogue between the traditional peace community and Spanish-speaking and Latino communities about war, peace, racism and liberation in our own towns. As the wars abroad continue and the attacks on the immigrant community increase in brutality and viciousness, this tour is an opportunity to connect these two kinds of wars, interweave them with the reality of the economic crisis and bring a new perspective on peace to your communities. Peace is not a single issue; war, militarism and economic injustice affect all of us in a variety of ways.

Thank You.