ACTION ALERT: Support H.R. 1091, the Student Privacy Protection Act

Under No Child Left Behind, schools receiving federal funding MUST release students’ personal information to military recruiters, unless the students and/or their families choose to “opt-out” on their registration form.

The Credo Action website features an on-line petition supporting H.R. 1091, the Student Privacy Protection Act, which is being sponsored by Michael Honda (Democrat-California).   H.R. 1091 would make release of students’ personal information to the military an “opt-in” option.  This means that students’ personal information would no longer automatically be released to military recruiters.  The information would only be released if the student’s family “opted-in” by stating, in writing, that it is okay for their son’s or daughter’s personal information to be released to military recruiters.

To access the petition, please see

In addition, the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) has drafted a letter to President Obama urging him to block the portion of the No Child Left Behind Act that makes federal education funding dependent upon providing access to the military to school rosters for recruitment.  This letter is attached.  You may use this letter as a sample or write your own.  The AFSC would like to hand-deliver these letters to the White House.

If you choose to mail your letter to the AFSC, the address is:  American Friends Service Committee, P.O. Box 98015, Washington, D.C.  20090-8015.  If you choose to mail your letter directly to President Obama, the address is:  President Obama, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C.  20500.