El Viejo y Jesus- This Friday!

El Viejo y Jesus- This Friday!

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Cine Club
September 17th:

El Viejo y Jesús  
The old man and Jesús

JesusA documentary film by the film collective Calle y Media chronicling the lives of two men living on the streets of Caracas in the middle of a right-wing push to reverse the gains of the revolutionary process in Venezuela.  The lyrical wisdom of the Old Man and the explosive word of Jesús, demonstrate the liberatory commitment of the people of Venezuela, beyond the influence of leaders or any enlightened vanguard. This film is the documented prophecy of a rebellion that minute by minute silently plots from under the bridges and the sewers a world that will sooner of later rise up thirsting for justice.We will also premiere a short documentary filmed by B media during the 2009 PCASC Venezuela delegation about street musicians reclaiming space for their art to be seen and heard. 

All funds raised will go towards radio and video equipment to be used and donated by Jaclyn Brown, the lastest in a long line of PCASC members to travel to Venezuela!

Location: Rio's Space. 4810 NE Garfield.
Date: Sept 17th 
Time: Meet and greet: 6pm. Movie: 7pm. $5-$10 donation. No one turned away for lack of funds. 
Food and drinks will be available!

For more details email Jac at Jaclyn.brown1@ gmail.com
Please forward widely!

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