International Call for Solidarity with the Mapuche and Chilean anarchists

International call for solidarity on September 24th, 2010 with Mapuche
political prisoners and Chilean anarchist political prisoners.

This last week, ¬†September 11th marked the Chilean anniversary of Pinochet’s

Today, September 18th marks Chile’s bicentennial day of independence.

These events take place amidst a state of intense governmental repression
against the indigenous Mapuche resisters and Chilean anarchists.

A U.S. based activist currently traveling in Chile comments that, “This is
taking place during a backdrop of intense repression against the Mapuche
people, with 32 Mapuche political prisoners participating in a hunger
strike, demanding the demilitarization of their traditional lands, and an
end to the use of the Pinochet-era antiterrorist law to repress their
struggles. And also, since a raid of police raids in August, 14 anarchists
have been facing heavy charges, framed with carrying out bombings, though in
reality targeted for their participation in radical social centers in
Santiago and Valparaiso.”

“The government is trying with little luck to not shatter the illusion of
national cohesion. The wave of repression has consisted of a media circus
and much legal absurdity as the anti-terrorist laws are being used liberally
against the anarchists and the mapuche prisoners. They are trying to pin a
wave of anonymous bombings of recent years on anarchist youth who run
squatted social centers in Santiago and Valpariso as well as continue the
heavy repression against the Mapuche communities that continue to call for
autonomy from the state.”

On September 24th, Mapuche resisters and chilean anarchists call for a day
of international solidarity with their struggle.

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