Oct 2nd – Rally for Jobs!

Saturday, Oct 2nd
St. Francis Park

Corner of SE 11th and SE Stark
Portland, OR

Bail Out the Workers, Not the Banks!

Rally in solidarity with those marching in Washington, DC for jobs.

We need a real jobs creation program now! We demand an end to all foreclosures and evictions, and all cuts to the social safety net. We want money for jobs and education, not prisons and wars. Not another dime for Wall Street until everyone has healthcare, single payer now. Immigrant workers deserve equal rights, full equality for immigrants now.

The demands will be –

* A public works program that would employ all unemployed workers at the expense of Wall Street.

* A moratorium of foreclosures and evictions.

* No cuts to social security.

* Full funding for public education.

* Not cuts to pensions.

* Real immigration reform now!

* Single-payer healthcare now!

* End the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq!