Peer-Peer Organizer Training Initiative

You are invited to be part of a pilot curriculum for young organizers interested in la lucha solidaria.

An 8 week peer-led training from Oct 18th/19th- Dec 6th/7th. Participant preferences will determine whether we meet on Monday or Tuesday evenings and start time.

Topics (may) include (depending on participant survey):

  • The organizing model of the Mississippi freedom struggle
  • Best practices for facilitation
  • Anti-racist organizing for allies
  • relationship building and accountability
  • Popular education
  • Know your Rights with the Police
  • Powermapping
  • Leadership styles and practices — catering to your strengths
  • Communications: Utilizing social media and the press
  • Fundraising/ resource sharing

Course committments:

  • One of the principle goals of the course is to create an empowering environment where we can build intentional relationships and teach each other from the strengths of our own experiences. This means that we will preference individuals who can participate in all 8 weeks together. This group will be the first cohort of our pilot program.
  • We call this a peer-led program because each of the participants will take responsibility to co-facilitate a session. We will be counting on community partners with skills in the core areas to help us deliver the workshops.
  • In addition there will be weekly reading assignments to complement course work.
  • To cover costs of materials, dinners, trainer time, etc, we are asking for a sliding scale donation of $20-50 for the entire 8 weeks.

At the fall PCASC planning retreat we talked about developing a leadership training to help build our capacity.  This is a pilot project aimed at meeting that organizational need. Because we are learning as we go, this training is by invite only. Additionally, for the time being this course is only available in English.

To reserve your spot, for questions, ideas, etc.