[PCASC] Sowing the seeds of freedom

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Between people there are no borders. ¡Que viva la solidaridad!


News and Events for Monday, October 18th


This Thursday Oct. 21st: CISPES fall tour

Mining and the Corporate Agenda
A conversation with community organizer Orlando Velasco from El Salvador

A very small country with high population density, events in El Salvador represent the future of resource struggles.  As basic resources like water and fossil fuels become more scarce under our current system of global trade, we will see environmental and human rights movements come more into alignment.  In El Salvador, as in many developing nations, the choice to exploit or privatize natural resources has direct consequences in the health of communities.

On October 21st, Salvadoran organizer and movement leader Francisco Orlando Velasco will visit Portland as part of a national tour.  He works with the nationwide Roundtable Against Metallic Mining, and hails from the department of Cabañas, one of the areas most strongly affected by an international mining conflict.
Velasco’s visit comes in the midst of an international lawsuit launched by the Canadian mining company Pacific Rim.  The company is suing El Salvador under CAFTA for hundreds of millions of dollars in lost profits after the government refused to grant gold mining permits due to the environmental destruction that mining would cause.  Resistance against the environmental impact of the mining has led to many assassinations in affected communities, bringing into relief major questions about our current model of free trade.
The event will also discuss the recent victory of the left-wing FMLN, a political party founded by the armed guerrilla movement of the 90s, and the steps that the government is taking to democratize and socialize the country.

When: Thursday, October 21st from 7pm to 9pm
Where: Urban Grind Café, 2214 NE Oregon St in Portland, Oregon
Details: There will be food and drink for sale at the venue.  The event is free and open to the public, but donations will be accepted!

 This event represents the third in a series called “National Sovereignty under CAFTA: Water, Environment, and Free Trade” organized by PCASC.

take action

2nd Coup Attempt by SOA Grads in less than 2 years  
SOA Graduate Involved in Coup Attempt in Ecuador
Read more and watch a news video about the coup attempt.

Yes, you can do something about it:
1. Contact your congressional representatives. Tell them Ya Basta!  Honduras 2009, Ecuador 2010… We're sick of  US-style "democracy promotion" in the region. CLOSE THE SOA! 
Click here to contact your member of congress

2. Go or donate to folks going to the SOA Watch November 2010 vigil

3. Support folks going to the Organizers’ Strategy Conference on U.S. Militarization – Nov. 18, 2010, Columbus, Georgia


Constant War in Latin America- visual aid

Investors pleased to offer "Starbucks experience" to customers in Central America

U.S. base deal for colombia: back to the status quo

Know Your Rights Brochure: www.nlg.org/resources/know-your-rights
-A two-page brochure that summarizes the rights of citizens when they are contacted or stopped by the police or federal authorities. Disponible en espanhol.

Forget the FTA Fix, Just Say No

Deportations have risen over 70% since Obama took office

News as we get it at www.pcasc.net

How to plug-in to PCASC

“If you have come here to help me, then you are wasting your time…But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”- lila watson

PCASC is a democratic, volunteer led and run organization with just two half- time staff people.  From stuffing envelopes to taking a lead role in organizing a protest, PCASC has a place for you. Please take a moment to fill out our volunteer survey so we can help plug you into PCASC’s work!

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We’re raising $3,000 this season. That’s just 25 folks who decide to give $10 towards our work every month- just a few dollars a week!  We’ve got a lot of work to do this coming year and we’ll need your help to make it all happen.  From our immigrants rights campaign to our global justice work, PCASC is not slowing down anytime soon. The only way we can make it happen is by support from our membership program.

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New sustainers at 10/mo. will receive a free bag of fair trade, feminist, union-processed coffee!

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Semillas libertarias
Seeds of freedom.

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The Portland Central America Solidarity Committee educates and mobilizes community members, workers and students around struggles for human rights and social justice throughout the Americas.
We meet the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month from 7pm to 9pm at our office where we plan and evaluate our work to build cross-border solidarity in the Americas.