Climate Wars

[Source – Alternative Radio]

An increase in just two degrees Celsius in average global temperature could trigger conflicts over scarce food and water. Scientists are predicting we will see in this century an increase in heat waves, floods, droughts, and storms 10 times more powerful than Katrina. As the planet gets hotter, glaciers will melt and there will be less water for irrigation resulting in lower agricultural yields and less drinking water. The stress of thirst and hunger will be too much for populations to bear thus spurring climate refugee migrations on a scale never before seen. Wars will result. Some of the scenarios include the already arid Middle East and Africa, Russia and NATO going head-to-head over control of the ice-free Arctic and India and Pakistan fighting over water.

Gwynne Dyer
Gwynne Dyer is a journalist, columnist, broadcaster, and lecturer on international affairs. He has served in the Canadian, British, and American navies. His twice-weekly column is published by 175 newspapers in 45 countries. He is the author of “The Mess They Made” and “Climate Wars.”