WikiLeaks: Paraguay voices concerns on US spying

[Source – PressTV]

Paraguay has summoned the US ambassador to the country expressing concerns about published Wikileaks documents citing US spying in the Latin American country and interest in its oil reserves.

Paraguay’s Foreign Minister Héctor Lacognata voiced concerns of his government to the US Ambassador in Asuncin Liliana Ayalde in a meeting regarding published files by the online whistle-blower showing that US diplomats have engaged in numerous espionage efforts in the country, Buenos Aires Herald reports Tuesday.

The US ambassador told reporters after the meeting that she was given “a note” that reflected Paraguayan government’s “concerns about the documents leaked.”

According to the files published by Wikileaks during 2008 and just prior to Paraguay’s presidential elections, “the US State Department had asked to spy and adopt prompt measures on presidential candidates Fernando Lugo (current president), Blanca Ovelar, former General Lino Oviedo, and Luis Castiglioni, who was Paraguay’s Vice President by that time.”

The files published by the website reportedly also revealed that US officials invoked interest in the existence of oil reserves in Paraguay’s Chaco region and asked for sensitive data about ‘corruption’ and ‘money laundry’ in the Latin American nation as well as its ties with countries that US accuses of backing terrorism.

The published ‘secret’ documents also show that Washington requested information from its embassy in Paraguay about the presence of anti-Israeli Middle Eastern resistance movements i.e. Hamas of Palestine and Hezbollah of Lebanon.

Meanwhile, the Paraguayan foreign minister told reporters that his government will not make any remarks on the documents “until we could double-check the info included on them in order to determine what’s true and what’s not.”