Cut Military and Police Aid to Honduras.

Reports are coming in from Honduras that the military has violently removed the campesinos from the highway blocade in Aguan and that the community of Guadalupe Carney is being surrounded.

We know 5 names of detained individuals, and COFADEH (an organization with monitors Human Rights and disappearances in Honduras) is submitting habeus corpus for all individuals detained in this case. The total number of detainees is unclear. Here are the names:

Delia Hernandez
Joni Ruby
Elvia Rubio
Elen Hernandez
Santos Flores Lagos

Please Call US officials

State Department numbers:
Human Rights Desk: 202-647-8298
Greg Maggio (Human Rights) 202-647-8298
Laura Pena, asst. to Maria Otero (Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs): 202-647-7556

Please communicate the following points:

1.  Your alarm regarding the police operation being conducted en the community of Zacate Grande at this moment where police are reportedly beating and gassing community members.

2.  Your concerns for the detainees who have been take by police.

3.  That the evictions which occurred today and the massacre of Nov. 15th show that the human rights situation in Honduras is quickly deteriorating and the violence is directly linked to the anti-democratic coup and fraudulent elections last year, which the US government supported.

The US should immediately cut military and police aid to Honduras.