SF – Resolution on Wikileaks, Julian Assange, and Bradley Manning

[Source – US Labor Against the War]

San Francisco Labor Council
January 11th, 2011

San Francisco Labor Council resolution, adopted January 10, 2011 by unanimous vote
Be it resolved that the San Francisco Labor Council declares our firm opposition to the efforts of the U.S. and other governments and corporations to criminalize, financially destroy and shut down Wikileaks and to silence, jail and prosecute Julian Assange as well as Bradley Manning. Documents released by Wikileaks have exposed the criminal record of the US government in violating international agreements and committing war crimes against people throughout the world including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Further, be it resolved that we urge affiliated unions to publicly reaffirm and defend our fundamental right to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the ability to freely and openly expose and criticize the illegal, corrupt and undemocratic practices of governments and corporations — in conformity with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Council will also send a letter to our Congressional representatives and to both US Senators to make them aware of our position and to call for them to  join us in opposing the persecution of Wikileaks, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning. The Council will also request that the International Red Cross conduct an investigation into how Bradley Manning is being treated while incarcerated.

Resolution adopted by unanimous vote at the regular delegates meeting of the Labor Council, held in San Francisco, California on January 10, 2011.