Breaking: Obama to move Colombia trade deal?!

[Source – Public Citizen]

It’s official. President Obama has betrayed his fair trade campaign promises. Today Obama and Colombian President Santos will announce a sham “deal” on labor rights issues as political cover to jumpstart a NAFTA-type trade deal with Colombia — the union-murder capitol of the world. Yes. The same outrageous deal Obama opposed as a candidate.

Call Congress NOW and share your outrage. These lawmakers are our last line of defense!

With this shameful “deal,” Obama aims to serve up a triple dose of Bush NAFTA expansion poison: a deadly Colombia-Korea-Panama NAFTA expansion. The disgusting Colombia deal is a slap in the face of organized labor and its supporters, already fuming about Obama pushing Bush’s job-offshoring Korea trade deal to a vote soon. Just last year, 51 Colombian unionists were assassinated for exercising their basic human rights — more than in the rest of the world combined. Working families won’t stand for this sort of betrayal.

Solidarity can’t stop at Wisconsin. Tell Congress to reject Obama’s pending Colombia-Korea-Panama trade pact package.

But it’s not only the unionists being targeted and murdered. Afro- and indigenous-Colombians leaders are also under fire. As under NAFTA, which has been shown to have displaced roughly 2.5 million rural Mexican campesinos, their communities will suffer under the trade deal. With nearly 4 million already displaced by armed groups and elite landowners, the Colombia trade deal is a human rights nightmare.

This sham Colombia labor deal is outright offensive. Tell Congress to reject Obama’s trade betrayal and vote “No” on the Colombia-Korea-Panama trade package disaster.

Thanks for all you do!

Beatriz Lopez and James Ploeser
Senior Field Organizers
Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch