A Message for Wells Fargo: “Stop investing in private prisons and stop taking our homes!”

[Source – We Are Oregon]
Yesterday, around 50 community members gathered in front of Wells Fargo in downtown Portland to deliver a message. “Stop investing in private prisons and stop taking our homes.”

The action included street theater portraying prisoners, a stagecoach and a fake CEO, which demonstrated in front of the bank for over an hour while educating passersby about Wells Fargo’s heinous foreclosure practices and bad investments in private prisons.

We Are Oregon, Portland Central American Solidarity Committee and ENLACE joined together in recognition of January 24th National Day of Action Against Wells Fargo.

Corporations like Wells Fargo have been getting away with hurting our community and what’s worse they have been dodging their taxes. From 2008 through 2010 Wells Fargo received a $681 million refund! They received huge tax refunds at the height of the economic crisis all the while taking our homes and criminalizing immigrants.

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If you missed yesterday’s action don’t worry, in the coming months, we will continue to put pressure on Wells Fargo to change their bad business practices that hurt our community.

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