Bring Maria Home

Maria Over the course of the last week, over 150 mothers, fathers, children and students have attempted to cross into the US at the border port of entry in California as part of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance’s #BringThemHome project. They have presented themselves at the border and asked to be reunited with their families and their communities. Among them, are several people from the pacific northwest. Most of these courageous people are now detained, being held in immigration detention centers and fighting to be released.

This historical border crossing is happening during an unprecedented moment when undocumented people across the country are taking their lives into their own hands, from demanding entry at the border to hunger striking in detention centers in Washington and Texas. Close to 2 million immigrants have been deported under the Obama administration but folks are demanding a different way. The immigration system is not working. Borders have broken families and communities. This crisis of mass deportation in the US has got to stop.

Hundreds of supporters have been at the border; rallying, providing support and awaiting the arrival of family and community. Those who crossed risk deportation unless we as a community stand strong with them and demand their release.

Take action to support Maria, who is from Oregon. Maria came to the US in 1990 with her children. She is a loving mother of 3 kids who have each suffered through heartbreaking experiences. Help her reunite with her daughters.

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