PCASC Stands with Francisco Aguirre

Francisco Aguirre


September 29, 2014


Francisco Aguirre is a valued member of our community who has worked for many years in support of immigrants’ rights and worker empowerment. Sadly, he is now being targeted by the unjust US immigration system. The Portland Central America Solidarity Committee is steadfast in standing with Francisco and fighting immigration policies that divide communities.


Days ago, agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) showed up at Francisco’s home without a warrant. When Francisco refused to answer their questions, the agents left and Francisco took sanctuary at Augustana Lutheran Church. He remains in sanctuary with the support of allies, friends and neighbors.


Francisco is the coordinator of the Voz Workers’ Rights Education Project. He is active in a range of organizing projects. He is an inspiring and engaging organizer, full of passion for social justice.


The involvement of ICE comes as Francisco entered a diversion program following a traffic stop by the Clackamas County Sheriff’s office. Collaboration between local police and ICE has fueled an increase in deportations. The traffic stop is a matter that was being handled on a local level. ICE has no authority to intervene.


PCASC supports Francisco as he fights to stay in Oregon. We will defend our community leaders.


¡Si se puede!

In solidarity,


Allen Hines

Lizz Schallert

PCASC organizers


Sign the petition to show ICE that Francisco has your support!