Drop the Drug War

Drop the Drug War:

Stop the Violence, Treat the Causes, Empower Communities

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The Drug War is about economics, power, and oppression. And like most wars, it is a failure and an injustice. the Drug War is destroying Latin American communities and wasting US tax dollars, while enabling a racist private prison-industrial complex. To combat the effects of the Drug War, we must treat the true problems: economic destabilization, corporate profiteering, and the militarization of communities.

The explosion of violence in Mexico, the increased militarization of Latin America in the name of the Drug War, and the upsurge of popular opposition to the Drug War across Latin America make this campaign timely and relevant. We will engage our networks to educate and mobilize opposition to Drug War funding and policy, organizing for root-cause solutions.

While PCASC focuses on acting in solidarity with popular movements in Latin America and organizing in opposition to US interventionist policies, we recognize that the drug war is complex and global. Key goals of our campaign include building coalitions across issues and communities and developing a broad analysis of the failure and the fraud of the drug war.

The purpose of this campaign is to publicly question the true nature, roots, and intentions of the US Drug War. Our function is to declare that the Drug War is a failure and the US is the driving force behind the Drug War, both in terms of consumption of drugs and destruction of Latin America.

We will work to:

  • change public discourse about the Drug War to elevate the truth about the nature, the roots, and the intentions of the Drug War through education, action, and collaboration;
  • connect the campaign to local, national, and international movements against the Drug War;
  • engage in grassroots advocacy to stop the funding of the Drug War, targeting local elected officials;
  • build a network of allies that can mobilize to stop drug war legislation (e.g. Plan Central America) that uses the Drug War as an excuse to militarize and dominate Latin America.

What can you do?

Invite HOLA to your organization, church group, or labor union to do a short presentation or invite us to do a two-hour popular education workshop on Failure of Fraud: the US Drug War.

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