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The History Project is a living organism and needs your involvement!


Internships & Volunteer Opportunities
The History Project accepts interns & volunteers on a rolling basis.

Current intern projects include:
* Media archive and digitization
* Web development
* Oral history
* Translation of information into Spanish
* Curating PCASC Art and Propaganda Archive

Interning at the History Project is an excellent way to build skills while learning about social justice, international solidarity, & organizational development. All interns and volunteers are required to commit to 5 -10 hours per week for a minimum of 3 months. Course credit is available upon request, no internships are paid.

The physical archives
List of Publications in the PCASC Archive – a pdf not digitized or searchable by topic
List of the pcasc media available in the Archives – not digitized or searchable by topic

Appointments to view or interact with the archives can be made on an individual basis, contact