The Portland Central America Solidarity Committee, PCASC, was born on July 19th, 1979. That is the same day, month and year of the triumph of the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua. Since then, our path has been fully committed to solidarity toward all the countries in the Americas. We have accompanied the struggle in El Salvador through all these years, and even though its democratic advances seem to have come to a halt, we have to remember what happened in Nicaragua when, in 1990, the Sandinistas were defeated in the presidential elections. “Ruling from below” was the motto that kept the Sandinistas in high spirits, and after 16 years of neoliberal governments, they came back to fulfill what had been left to do.

So, in terms of solidarity, we fully accompany all fights against capitalism and neoliberalism, since we know that the byproducts of that political and economic system is injustice, lack of freedom, repression, and poverty imposed on unprotected communities.

We invite you to go over our website and check our history, our upcoming events, and join us if you feel that solidarity is something you can embrace with us.

PCASC, is honored to have had so many solidarity fighters throughout all these years that have contributed to our presence in Latin America. For none of them has it been an easy job, but only a few have reached the immortal category, as Ben Linder did in 1987.

Ben, a Portland mechanical engineer was working to bring microhydro electricity to rural areas of Nicaragua when he was murdered by U.S.- backed contra forces. With his unicycle and his persona as a clown, Ben also brought joy and happiness to all the Nicaraguan kids who met him.

After his assassination, PCASC embraced the fight to stop U.S. economic and military aid to the Contras. Oregon Legislators signed a strong letter calling for an immediate halt to contra aid. Hidden enormous forces pushed the U.S. government to continue its efforts to destabilize the Sandinistas, as if the U.S. role in the world is to exert control and dominion over other countries. As “luchadores solidarios”, solidarity fighters, we understand those hidden forces and by fighting against them, we honor, not only Ben Linder’s memory, but the memory of all those who have met sacrifice and martyrdom through solidarity.