Past Accomplishments

The HOLA committee evolved out of our previous committees who did work around Honduras and Venezuela. Read more below.

The Venezuela Solidarity Committee brings educational   resources to our community to understand Venezuela’s complex and exciting Bolivarian Revolution, a social process which aims to transform society towards a more democratic, humanitarian, and egalitarian political and economic system.  We strive to bring the important lesson of this process to our own movement for social and economic justice, building bridges of understanding and strengthening our movements across borders.

Past Accomplishments:

In September 2009, PCASC sent a ten person delegation to Venezuela in an effort to cultivate ties of international solidarity between activists for peace and social justice in the United States and Venezuela.  This delegation was opportunity for US peace activists and Venezuelan social movements to coordinate their work, especially in pressuring the Obama Administration to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and end US intervention in Latin America.  Delegates included Iraq War veterans, student organizers, community media activists and peace activists.