Month: May 2010

News and Events- May 4th


Tomorrow morning there will be a resolution presented to City Council denouncing SB 1070 in Arizona

City Hall – 1221 SW Fourth Avenue

WEDNESDAY, 9:30 AM, MAY 5, 2010

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Upcoming Events: May

May 8th-
Mother’s Day Vigil at the Tacoma ICE detention Center

Portland People’s Movement Assembly
May 12th-
ALBA teach-in 6:30-8pm

May 15th
3:30-6pm A Community Forum presented by the Portland Immigrant Rights Coalition

May 27th-

Stop the Suits. Stop CAFTA.


What is going on in Arizona and why is SB 1070 so scary? read up
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Secretary Janet Napolitano to Stop DHS Criminalization of Immigrants…sign the petition HERE.

BY SATURDAY, May 15 – Make a donation to support litigation and organizing in defense of Arizona’s communities. PCASC is part of the Grassroots Global Justice alliance which has set a goal of $10K – can you help us reach that goal? You can mail checks made out to Grassroots Global Justice with Free Arizona in the memo to Michael Leon Guerrero, PO Box 1799, San Pedro, CA 90733-1799; or donate online through our Paypal link.

Email PCASC to let us know you signed up or donated so we can keep track of our awesome impact!

News and Analysis
“We fear that the government will use this as a pretext to militarize the region.”
-Refering to last week’s incident in San Juan Copala,
Eduardo Almeida from Nodo de Derechos Humanos

Sign up and denounce militarization and human rights abuse in Oaxaca

Summary: denounce the militarization and state-sponsored terrorism and violence in Oaxaca and throughout the world, to denounce the funding of the Merida Initiative signed into law by the U.S. government, and to demand a thorough investigation and punishment for those responsible for the current violations in Oaxaca. Join us in supporting Oaxaca and saying no …

Sign up and denounce militarization and human rights abuse in Oaxaca Read More »