Social Movements Assembly Declaration – The IV Americas Social Forum

Social Movements Assembly Declaration
The IV Americas Social Forum

Asuncion, August 15, 2010
Our America is coming!
Nane Amérika TeeOnemongu’ Ehína!

Social movements present at the IV Americas Social Forum, in Asuncion,
Paraguay, we reaffirm our solidarity and commitment to Paraguayan
people to the urgent need for progress in their process to sovereignty
recovery over its territory, goods common, energy resources, land
reform and democratization.

We are in a continent where in recent decades there has been a reunion
between social movements and indigenous movements, which from their
ancestral knowledge and historical memory radically question the
capitalist system. In recent years, there were renewed social
struggles led to the neo-liberal governments departure and emerge of
governments that have implemented positive reforms such as economy
vital sectors nationalization and constitutional redefinition.

But right forces on the continent are trying to stop any changes
process. They operate from their political, economic, mass media,
judiciary places which adds a new imperialism offensive – even
military – supporting them. Since last Americas Social Forum held in
Guatemala in 2008 we witnessed the Honduras’ coup, the U.S. military
presence increased throughout the Americas. Military bases
installation agreements proliferate, the Fourth Fleet is operating in
our seas. This is a systematic effort to destabilize democracy in the
continent social movements are increasingly suppressed and

We denounce the illegitimacy of the de facto president of Honduras
Porfirio Lobo, at the same time we recognize its people’s resistance
and support their struggle for constitutional re-foundation to
establish a true democracy.

We support the Haitian people’s struggle they do not need a military
intervention and economic occupation to rebuild. On the contrary, we
demand that the country’s sovereignty be respected and other countries
to make a joint cooperation in the fields of health, education,
agriculture and those that are required. We demand the unconditional
cancellation of debt and reject illegitimate debt new process.

Free trade continues in all its variants. This is the central feature
of the European Union strategy, the other neo-colonial power that
operates in Latin America and Caribbean. The International Financial
Institutions are implementing these strategies -World Bank,
International Monetary Fund, regional ‘development’ banks and private
banking groups- they are creating new and huge debts with direct
impacts to people and nature.

All these threats are linked to an excluding and predatory single
primary export development model that impact on many territories that
expelled populations to uproot and migration. The current systemic
crisis shows capitalist model depletion – and its power centers:
banks, TNCs and G8 governments. Today it attempts to draw the whole
world to a limit and to a visible nuclear war threat by the U.S.

Natural resources protection has become popular organizations and
social movements struggle agenda against devouring capitalism. A
common front is being reinforced against nature destruction and
“market environmentalism” and “green capitalism” are false solutions
such as carbon markets, biofuels, GMOs and geoengineering which are
promoted from principal power centers because of climate change.

We denounce Northern geopolitical countries governments rather than
confront serious climate change impacts they are seeking to evade
responsibility and to develop new carbon market mechanisms to make
more profit, such as “Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and
Degradation “(REDD), which promotes forests commercialization and
privatization and loss of sovereignty over territories. We reject such

We demand these countries to reduce their greenhouse gases emissions
and to create an International Court of Climate Justice. We reaffirm
the Cochabamba Agreement proposals from the World Peoples Conference
on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, which recognize that
real solutions are climate justice, food sovereignty, land recovery
and agrarian reform, peasant agriculture and integration and
solidarity among peoples against global warming.

Social movements are facing a historical opportunity to develop
initiatives at international level. Our people struggles will allow us
to move towards the ybymarane’y (land without evil) and realize the
tekoporá (good living). We are committed to reinforcing our fight for
our people, food, and energy sovereignty and women sovereignty over
their bodies and their lives, and sexual diversity recognition.

We build alternatives that are based on anti-capitalism,
anti-patriarchy, anti-colonialism and anti-racist diverse
perspectives, while we go in search of a new paradigm focused on
equality, good living, sovereignty and integration based on solidarity
principle among peoples.

Asuncion, Paraguay, August 15, 2010