Porfirio Lobo Treated as Head of State by U.S.; Call Now to Protest

Tonight Porfirio Lobo is attending a reception for heads of state organized by President Obama in New York City. Lobo’s inclusion at the reception paves the way for continued U.S. support for a president who was not democratically elected.

Please take a moment to tell President Obama that Porfirio Lobo has no business at tonight’s reception by calling 202-456-1111.

Our recent delegation to Tegucigalpa and southern Honduras confirmed that human rights conditions have deteriorated since the coup. Under Porfirio Lobo, journalists, labor organizers, women and members of the GLBTQ community have all become targets of state violence. By recognizing Lobo as the Honduran head of state, Obama allows U.S. taxpayer dollars to fund human rights abuses through military aid.

As the State Department prepares to vote on reincluding Honduras in the Organization of American States, we must call on Obama to stop treating Lobo as the legitimate president of Honduras.

Please call 202-456-1111 this morning to tell the White House that you object to Obama’s tacit acceptance of Lobo and his administration’s continued funding of the repressive Honduran military.

Thank you for taking action!

In solidarity,

Galen Cohee Baynes, Christine Goffredo and Brooke Denmark
Witness for Peace International Team, Nicargua

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