Event – Left in Crisis: Strategic Ideas for Class Warfare



Left in Crisis: Strategic Ideas for Class Warfare

You are invited to hear our speakers discuss the “Left in Crisis”

And learn about the Organization for a Free Society

John Cronan Jr., Labor Organizer, Writer & Radical Theorist

Casey Asprooth-Jackson, Student, Labor, & Human Rights Activist in Film Studies

Thursday, Nov 11th 2010

Program Begins at 5 PM

Laughing Horse Books

12 NE 10th, Portland OR 97215, 503-236-2893

Free and Open to the Public, Donations appreciated

Sponsors: PCASC/HOLA and Education WithOut Borders

John Cronan Jr. is a restaurant worker of 11 years and an organizer and writer.  He is a native of Providence, RI, but has lived in New York City for many years–where he has been involved in labor, student, and environmental organizing. Currently, John is an organizer for the Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York (ROC-NY), a membership based workers’ center dedicated to building worker power and changing conditions in the restaurant industry, as well as overall social transformation; and is a founding member of the new political grouping, Organization for a Free Society. He is also pursuing a Masters degree in Labor Studies at the CUNY Murphy Institute for Workers Education. John is a regular contributor to Znet, and has written and spoken extensively on issues concerning class, economic democracy, environmental justice, radical political theory, movement strategy, and more. His essay, “Did You Just Say Class”, appeared in Real Utopia: Participatory Society for the 21st Century (AK Press, 2008), edited by Chris Spannos.

Casey Asprooth-Jackson is an undergraduate student at Bard College, where he studies Film Production and Human Rights.  He is an activist and student organizer involved in campaigns surrounding labor injustice on campus and the Israel/Palestine conflict.  He is a native of Rochester, NY, where he has focused on both anti-war and anti-racist activism, in part through the Unitarian Universalist community there.  Recently, he has helped mobilize resistance against the attempted imposition of Mayoral control of the Rochester public school system, working with students, teachers, and parents on the Community Education Task Force since the winter of 2009.  In his video work, Casey is largely focused on urban landscapes and the history of political struggle, producing a number of documentary shorts concerned with social justice.  Along with documentary photographer Gilles Peress and publisher Hamilton Fish, he is helping establish an institute for the development of revolutionary vision within the study and production of documentary film at Bard.  Casey is a member of The Organization for a Free Society.