Food First Honduras report on evictions in Aguan, Dec. 15th

Food First – FIAN

* Army, police and landowners’ security guards surveillance and surrounding of  the community of Guadalupe Carney and detain campesinos

* Violent eviction of residents in Coyolito and 6 persons taken prisoner

*Violent eviction of residents who took over the international highway in the west in protest of the suspension of the construction of a paved highway.

The violence carried out by the regime is a part of the daily agenda. With the lack of peaceful mechanisms for the resolution of problems, for a regime that has little credibility, the most expedient and easy method has been the utilization of the State’s repressive forces against those obligated to use methods of pressure when the advocacy  methods have been exhausted.

At approximately 7 a.m. members of the army, the policy and security guards employed by Miguel Facusse, Rene Morales and probably Reynaldo Canales, took up position in the mountainsides and hills that surround the community of Guadalupe Carney.

According to information provided by distinct sources in the last few minutes there are already approximately 1,000 troops of the repressive apparatus of the State, police and military; of which 500 are found inside the community with the intention of searching each of the homes and detaining community leaders according to the declaration of one of the police officials on a radio in Tocoa, Colon.

There were attempts to enter and seize the small equipment of “Radio Orquidea” the community radio that the campesinos of the MCA use to inform and educate their community members and closest neighbors, but these attempts were unsuccessful when the residents gathered in the facility where the radio is installed and demanded respect for their property.

A bus with approximately 70 campesinos headed towards the Guadalupe Carney community from the Marañones cooperative was detained by the roadblock set up by the military and police and they were forced to return to their community. They were escorted by two vehicles with security guards employed by the businessmen, some of whom were wearing ski masks.

The presence of such a powerful armed force like that present in the area has caused anguish in the population because it seems that they are facing another army. The armed elements are accompanied by members of the General Criminal Investigation Bureau (DGIC) and prosecutors from the region  who normally are parcial to and support the causes of the landowner businessmen.

In effect, the mobilization of the repressive bodies is disproportionate if the purpose was, as they say, to clear the highway, which now can be seen to be a pretext to carry out repressive activities when is known that the campesinos had already been cleared (from the highway). The presence of uniformed entities carrying heavy caliber weapons, including M-60s, tanks, and the low altitude fly-overs by 3 military helicopters has converted the productive zone into a war scene.

Simultaenously the residents of Coyolito, Zacate Grande were evicted, also through the use of a sisproporciontate force. Men and women were beate, tear gas was used, and at least 6 people wer detained among them the two corrospondents for “Radio Zacate Grande”, Elba Yolibet Rubio and Elia Ziomara Hernandez.

Yesterday in the afternoon a violent eviction occurred against a blockade of the International highway in the west near Dulce Nombre de Copan by residents and local officials of various municipalities that are demanding the resumption of construction of a highway that would lead to the airport and connect various communities in the region.

We will remain attentive to what may occur later and will inform the honduran population within our reach and the International organizations dedicated to the defence of human Rights.

Tegucigalpa MDA, December 15, 2010 12:41 pm

Gilberto Ríos

Secretario Ejecutivo

FIAN Internacional Sección Honduras