1/31, Report from Mexico – food, videos, excitement, intrigue.

Dear friends, yes there will be food – tacos!

I got on a plane to Mexico last month as a person pretty uninterested in Climate Change. Oh, but now, now things are different.

Do you wonder what really happened in Cancun? Are those climate agreements good for working people, indigenous people, or anyone at all? And how do we, as regular people, affect something as monstrous as the global climate?

Monday, January 31st — 6:30pm — AFSCME Building, E 60th and E Burnside

Join me for a report back on the Caravan to Cancun; which took hundreds of people on a journey across Mexico to the Alternative Global Forum for Life and Environmental and Social Justice in Cancun for the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP16).

Strategizing! Videos! Stories! Souvenirs! Inspiration! and Food!

Let’s discuss the future of the Climate Justice Coalition PDX, movement building for peoples’ solutions, and what we can do to win.

Hope to see you there!

The caravan and the Alternative Forum was organized through the Asamblea Nacional de Afectado Ambientales, La Via Campesina, & others, with the participation of Grassroots Global Justice.

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