We will not rest until Wells Fargo divests!

No prisons for profit!

Stop the criminalization of immigrants!

Divest from the prison industry!  

PCASC is happy to announce the launch of a new, organization-wide campaign targeting Wells Fargo for their funding of private, for-profit prisons and immigrant detention centers. You may have seen us occupying their downtown bank lobby on November 17th, or standing outside their Portland headquarters with a giant “prison cash machine” and a thousand friends on February 29th. We are part of a national prison industry divestment campaign, and at our organizational planning retreat in February, we decided to adopt this campaign as a major focus for the next year.

Along with our allies in Portland and around the country, PCASC will continue to publicly shame Wells Fargo, put pressure on their executives, and call on their customers to move their money until the bank stops financing for-profit prisons and immigrant detention centers.

Wells Fargo owns shares in Geo Group and the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA); these two corporations, owning 80% of the total private prison beds in the country, are the industry leaders in for-profit prisons. They are making billions off the detention of immigrants and the criminalization of poor neighborhoods and communities of color – tearing apart families, destroying communities, and locking up many thousands of people who have done nothing wrong – all to turn a profit, at a daily cost to taxpayers of $5.5 million.

Wells Fargo is a major financier of the private prison industry; if we force them to divest from CCA and Geo Group, we will deal a major blow to one of the pillars holding up the for-profit prison industry.

Join us!  We’ll be planning our next steps first & third Wednesdays at the PCASC General Meeting, 7pm at PCASC, 2249 E. Burnside.
Can’t make a meeting and want to get involved? Contact craig@pcasc.net

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