Solidaridad en el Siglo XXI

We might say we’re late. The XXI Century began twenty years ago, and it is now that we change the name of our newsletter from “La Lucha Solidaria” to “Solidaridad en el Siglo XXI”. A lot of things in the world have changed, and PCASC has done its part. We now are a fully volunteered organization, and as it can be imagined, that demands a lot of effort to keep things running: between paper work and solidarity, we have chosen the latest at the expense of communicating our activities with our members.

But here we are. We expect to resume our duties communicating our projects with all our membership. One of them is the continuation of “La Lucha Solidaria” which under the name of “Solidaridad en el Siglo XXI” pretends to be the way we express the hottest issues that consume the lives of hundred of millions of citizens in Latin America. We also will take the opportunity to express our thoughts, our sentiments, our love to all those who suffer the most.

Since capitalism began to exist, the world has been in danger. The voracity of oligarchs has driven our planet to dangerous levels of contamination, deforestation is rampant, privatization of common goods is everywhere, the truth is hidden from the general public.

In this chaos, only solidarity would save us all. The solidarity that begun in 1979 has flourished in Nicaragua. People there, has learned to survive helping each other and we, at PCASC, have to feel satisfaction since we share the same birthday with the sandinistas. Solidarity involves sacrifice not only in time of peace, but in difficult times. And how beautiful is the example of Cuban doctors, who in the midst of this pandemic, went to other parts of the world to support the broken health system of other countries. Venezuela did its part when Hurricane Katrina hit some poor communities in the South, and Venezuela send oil, free of charge, to keep houses warmed.

Our solidarity beyond our borders is as strong as our solidarity within. We see a deterioration in police actions against black communities. Is as if we live in two worlds inside the same country. And it is not new, since history teach us that native Americans were condemned to give up their territory to support a white expansion. Solidarity beyond our borders can be expressed as economic support or as becoming part of delegations, and PCASC has a history of such activities.

We invite you to read our first issue of “Solidaridad en el Siglo XXI”. In there we will include the issues happening in some countries in Latin America. At the same time, we would like to have your feedback to improve our work.