42nd Anniversary Invitation

pcasc - 42nd Anniversary

July 19th., 2021

5:30pm to 7:30pm  (Pacific Time)

Via Zoom. Register here

Special Guests

Dan Denvir honed his organizing skills as PCASC coordinator after college, and is now the host of the podcast The Dig: Discussing the Politics of Class Warfare, with Jacobin Magazine.

Thea Riofrancos was a PCASC activist as a Reed College student, and is now a Professor of Political Science at Providence College, and currently a Carnegie Corporation Fellow.

Through their respective careers, Dan and Thea have a deep understanding of Latin America politics. We will have a conversation with them that will provide a broad perspective on current issues in Latin America and PCASC’s role in supporting our allies.

And to celebrate PCASC’s birthday, there will be music, reports from other companerx, and opportunity for conversation.

Listen and/or sing along with Tito Amaya, Carmen Gutiérrez, Carlos Flores, and Lolo Cutumay

We hope you can join us for this virtual event on July 19. Register here. All donations support PCASC’s work and our allies.

Connect with us with your own device. Think of it as your own unicycle. Do as Ben Linder did when he joined Nicaraguan peasants to help them. While he developed electricity projects, he never abandoned his unicycle to travel around Nicaraguan rural towns and played with children. Your connectivity device is your unicycle. Join us, chat with us, have fun with us, learn from our guests, it’s solidarity time.