The History Team

The History and Archival Project is entirely volunteer-driven. No staff time was spent on this project. Since Jan. 2011, six volunteers have spent over 10,000 hours cataloging documents, creating finding aids, securing documents, tracking down missing information, developing the website, creating the timeline, and envisioning a project where history can lead the way toward a brighter and more strategic future.

Kelly Baur – Jan. to May of 2011 – She contributed to the original ordering and cataloging of the PCASC archive when it was just musty boxes in a moldy basement.

Helen Harris – Jan. of 2011 to present – She has lent her library and archival skills to provide near expert advice on what to do with the thousands of documents in PCASC’s basement. She has contributed an incredible amount of time to building the web pages, writing information for the timeline, and to preparing the website to go public. She will continue to be involved in creating consistent finding aides for the PCASC archive.

Collin LaVallee – Jan. to Sept. of 2011 – He was lead on envisioning and creating the digital timeline and website pages, while contributing thousands of hours to archiving, scanning, and writing for the project.

Nicole Peterson – March to May of 2011 – She cataloged the PCASC resource and media archive. Nicole investigated and created documentation showing which of PCASC’s materials are available online and which appear to be original (including a number of publications coming out of Central America in the 1980’s).

Grace Schoenlank – May 2011 to present – She took on the enormous task of digitizing the majority of PCASC’s newsletters and photos. Now, she’ll continue to be involved in the next phase of the project; creating a written narrative of PCASC’s history.

Kari Koch – Nov. 2010 to present – She is the “History and Archival Project Champion” and, as is true with most champions/coordinators, has spent much more time thinking and much less time doing than the rest of the volunteers.

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