The rights of the people are not for sale!

September 30th, 2021

6:00 pm to 8:00pm  (Pacific Time)

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the rights of the people are not for sale!

Improving Honduran people’s lives is not an easy task. In June 2009, President José Manuel Zelaya wanted to change that reality. He began by trying to change the Constitution. But he was seen as a threat to “democracy” and in the name of “democracy”, the United States supported a coup d’etat. Time has gone by and Hondurans painfully learned that “democracy” is a word that only applies to the elites, and not to the people.

The current Honduran government has launched ZEDES, a program of Economic Development in specific Zones, which in reality is displacing native Lencas and black communities. The Garifuna community has also been largely affected. Ten garifuna’s leaders have been imprisoned for defending their land.

This president, Juan Orlando Hernández, who ascended to power through fraudulent elections is giving signals to repeat the same process in the upcoming elections in November. The people’s challenge is to present an organized front to defeat him.

As part of the campaign, PCASC is featuring several speakers to talk about all these issues. Among them, Karla Lara, a feminist activist and environmental defender, will address some of the most important issues that are making Hondurans flee their country. Four other speakers from Honduras will join her and speak about these issues.