i virtual spring brunch

Sunday, June 6th, 2021
10:00 amd to 12:00 noon (Pacific Time)
Via Zoom. Find link here

Special Guests:

Erika Takeo. Lives and works in Nicaragua with the International Relations Secretariat of the Asociación de Trabajadores del Campo – ATC, Nicaragua’s organization that represents 50,000 rural workers and small farmers. As part of her tasks she coordinates the Friends of ATC solidarity network. Erika grew up in Portland, Oregon.

Frank Hammer. Autoworker who retired from a GM plant in Detroit. He has been a key part of the international effort to support the Colombian autoworkers who are fighting back against a workplace model of injuring and discarding workers.

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Connect with us with your own device. Think of it as your own unicycle. Do as Ben Linder did when he joined Nicaraguan peasants to help them. While he developed electricity projects, he never abandoned his unicycle to travel around Nicaraguan rural towns and played with children. Your connectivity device is your unicycle. Join us, chat with us, have fun with us, learn from our guests, it’s solidarity time.