Set Obama straight on Oscar Romero

[Source – Witness for Peace]

This March 24th marks the 31st anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero at the hands of U.S.-trained death squads.  The White House has announced that Obama will pay homage to Monseñor Romero during his visit to El Salvador this week. However, you can bet that Obama won’t make mention of the fact that the the individuals who planned and executed this hero’s murder were trained at the School of the Americas, which is still in operation.

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Thank you for taking this opportunity to set the record straight and in doing so, paving the way for a new era in U.S. relations with El Salvador.

In solidarity,

Sharon Hostetler
Executive Director
Witness for Peace


To the editor:

During his recent trip to Latin America, President Obama paid homage to the assassinated Archbishop Oscar Romero, an El Salvadoran hero famous for standing with the poor during the war-torn 1980s.  Oscar Romero was assassinated while giving mass 31 years ago this week.  In El Salvador, Obama acknowledged Romero’s heroism and bravery.  However, what Obama failed to mention is that the Archbishop’s assassination was planned and carried out by individuals trained by the United States at the School of the Americas (SOA).  The SOA is still in operation, training Latin American soldiers that become human rights abusers at an astonishing rate.  And until Obama acknowledges the U.S.’s role in Oscar Romero’s tragedy and closes this school of assassins, the reputation of the United States will be tainted in Latin America.