Immigration Reform Continues Border Militarization

By Crystal Contreras This past March, 150 undocumented people from all over the United States participated in a mass border crossing; an act of civil disobedience which was meant to counteract the record deportations that have been happening under the Obama Administration. The events took place at the San Ysidro and Otay Mesa ports of …

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Is the World Bank Funding Death Squads in Honduras?

Faccuse’s Dinant Corporation has been involved in land rights disputes with campesinos since 1994 when, through violence and fraud, it began acquiring land titles to African palm cooperatives. Since January 2010, Dinant security forces have been accused of participation in death squad activities and are likely responsible for the murder of approximately 80 campesino land rights activists and bystanders.

VICTORY! Nicaragua Withdraws From The SOA

All of the countries of Latin America have been victims of its graduates. The SOA is a symbol of death, a symbol of terror. We have been gradually reducing our numbers of troops at the SOA, sending only five last year and none this year. We have now entered a new phase and we will NOT continue to send troops to the SOA. This is the least that we can do. We have been its victims.