Francisco Aguirre

PCASC Stands with Francisco Aguirre

  September 29, 2014   Francisco Aguirre is a valued member of our community who has worked for many years in support of immigrants’ rights and worker empowerment. Sadly, he is now being targeted by the unjust US immigration system. The Portland Central America Solidarity Committee is steadfast in standing with Francisco and fighting immigration …

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Bring Maria Home

Over the course of the last week, over 150 mothers, fathers, children and students have attempted to cross into the US at the border port of entry in California as part of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance’s #BringThemHome project. They have presented themselves at the border and asked to be reunited with their families and their communities. Among them, are …

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Is the World Bank Funding Death Squads in Honduras?

Faccuse’s Dinant Corporation has been involved in land rights disputes with campesinos since 1994 when, through violence and fraud, it began acquiring land titles to African palm cooperatives. Since January 2010, Dinant security forces have been accused of participation in death squad activities and are likely responsible for the murder of approximately 80 campesino land rights activists and bystanders.