Obama Deports David – Thursday

Despite what President Obama says DREAMer David has been sitting in a Georgia detention center for over a month now. David, now 20, has been living in Florida for the past 8 years.  He graduated from high-school here and is currently working towards a bachelors degree in business management.  All in all Florida is now David’s home, but an immigration judge denied David’s request for bond saying he ‘is a flight risk.’

Take action and demand David be released.  David wants to stay in America, his home, he is not a flight risk!

David is just another one of the countless DREAM Act youth who are now facing deportation because of flawed policies.  David’s time is now running out, on Thursday and immigration judge is going to decide if David should be ordered deported.  This means that, this Thursday, December 1st, David could be ordered deported to Venezuela.

We are asking for your support in making 100 calls to ICE demanding that they immediately stop the deportation of David Zambrano. In addition to ICE we really need the support of Senator Bill Nelson from Florida. JAIME will you help us reach our goal of 100 calls in support of David?

1.  Call ICE – John Morton’s office: 800-394-5855
2.  Call Senator Bill Nelson’s office: 800-821-9385

“Hi I was calling to ask that David Zambrano’s deportation be stopped.  David is DREAM Act eligible, he is 20 years old and has been living in Florida since he was 12.  His Alien # is: 200-278-833.  He has court this Thursday and could be ordered deported to Venezuela. Other DREAMers have been spared, why are you not helping DREAMer David?”

After you call and leave a message please reply to this email so we can keep track of your call.  Be sure to urge Senator Nelson’s office to take immediate action, that office is telling David’s family that there ‘is nothing’ they can do.  They are lying when they say that. Let’s make sure they know David has a lot of supporters on the outside fighting for him.

In addition to making a call do you think you can change your profile picture to the one in this email? Help us get the word out, David a DREAMer from Florida is at risk for immediate deportation.

Much love,

Mohammad AbdollahiDreamActivist.orgP.S. If you’re on Twitter, please spread the word by posting this message: David could be deported in 2 days. Plz sign and RT to stop his deportation: bit.ly/davidfl #immyouth #stopice @dreamact

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