Oct 16-17 Guatemalan Women Healing Toward Justice


Guatemalan Women Healing Toward Justice: the Case of Sepur Zarco NISGUA, the Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala, brings Maudi Tzay, from the team supporting healing toward justice of Mayan women used as sex slaves by Guatemalan military accompanied by Becky Kaump, NISGUA.  Sent by the Alliance to End Silence and Impunity, Allianza   Silencio e Impunidad, which is an alliance of 3 feminist organizations, her Equipo de Estudios Comunitarios y Accio’n Psyicosocial (ECAP), http://ecapguatemala.org.gt/, that provided psychological, social, community support for the women, beginning in 2001; ____, who built political, community support, culminating in a court case prosecuting the commanding officer of the Sepur Zarco military base and the officer leading the disappearances of the women’s husbands, and ___, the legal team supporting the successful prosecution.

In the meetings below, Maudi explained the strategy of these alliances to enable transformation in the women survivors, in their community, in their society, and, via the planned precedent of the court case, taken to a Guatemalan court instead of to the Inter-American Court for Human Rights, as all previous cases had done, in law in Guatemala and the world: sex slavery is a crime against humanity.

The US government in supporting the Guatemalan military and demanding turning land over to corporate extraction industries, enabled the crimes in this case: disappearances of the men applying for titles to their own land to remove obstacles to the rich and corporations taking their land, taking their lands, kidnapping their families, forcing the women into slavery, domestic and sexual, rape, and committing rapes in front of husbands and children.

A next step is for us to hold our government responsible for these crimes.

ECAP’s Accio’n Psicosocial includes indigenous, psychosocial healing ways.  The survivors’ collective strength together taught ECAP stronger healing than they got from western psychology.

Sunday October 16, 2016:

10:40am Welcome Maudi and Becky at the airport. Call Elizabeth Gray (503) 310-3243

12:30pm Lunch w Maudi and Becky. The Oregon Public House, 700 NE Dekum

2-4pm Join Maudi, Becky, and Pedro Sosa, informal time together at the Opening Reception for AFSC art exhibit, Boycott! The Art of Economic Activism, in the George R. White Library and Learning Center lobby, Concordia University, 2800 NE Liberty St, west of NE 29th Av & Rosa Parks Way.

Monday October 17, 2017:

8-9am La Hora Campesina: Ramon Ramirez interviews Maudi, listeners call in. Radio Movimiento Woodburn 95.9 fm or pcun.org/radio-movimiento

noon-1pm Guatemalan Women Healing Toward Justice: the Case of Sepur Zarco featuring Maudi Tzay, for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, by the Women’s Resource Center. Portland Community College SE Campus, Mt Tabor Hall in the Great Hall.

5:30-8pm  Guatemalan Women Healing Toward Justice: Maudi Tzay, building solidarity across borders for gender justice and ending violence against women.     Potluck 5:30, Donations $5-25.         NE 14th & Knott. parking lot entrance, Augustana Lutheran Church, basement. Accessible from NE 15th & Knott.  NISGUA, Augustana Lutheran Church, AFSC, PCASC, SURJ Immigrant Action.