Thank you to visitors from El Salvador and Cuba!

PCASC and our Portland community were lucky to share with two visiting groups in recent weeks. 

Stay tuned for more events in the fall, and please contact the Core Team to get involved or join our email list!

June 3rd – Moises Gomez from the University of Central America (UCA) – El Salvador

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Moises toured the US with CISPES for the spring of 2016.  He spoke to:

• The root causes of migration and forced displacement
• The impact of US-sponsored border militarization in the region
• How people in the US can join the fight to defend the lives and rights of Central America migrants

July 6th -Cuba Caravan of the IFCO/Pastors for Peace



  • IFCO/Pastors for Peace Executive Director, Gail Walker
  • Isel Calzadilla Acosta, founder and coordinator of Las Isabelas, a lesbian and bisexual women’s organization in Santiago de Cuba.
  • Caravanistas on their way to Cuba for the 27th Annual Friendshipment Caravan

Our visitors shared the history of the caravans, updates on US-Cuba Foreign Policy, and gave direction for solutions to propose to our elected officials.


Thank you to everyone who visited to all who opened their hearts, minds, and homes (and also for the financial contributions to these causes)!